Choose The Best Fastpitch Softball Gloves For The Position You Play

You can find multiple options in fastpitch softball gloves on the market today. Thus, choosing the right one may be quite difficult since there are varieties of the size, style, brand, and materials. The fastpitch softball glove commonly has a larger size than a standard baseball glove due to the larger ball. This glove generally includes a deeper pocket design as well.

The basic thing to consider is to avoid the glove that your children can grow into. The player should own a fit glove with the suitable length to improve his fielding mechanics. Moreover, the best softball glove will also raise his confident since it’s snug on hand and convenient to control and won’t easily keep falling off.

The first thing to begin is known your regular position. That can define the pattern or size of the glove. Many children will play different positions to begin with so you can choose a utility glove for your child or yourself if you’re a beginner.

The glove measurement

The fastpitch softball glove typically is measured from the index finger top of the glove along to the pocket inside and the glove heals outside. The general measurement will range from 12-14.5 inches and the youth size is smaller.

If you still don’t finish the calculation, just ask your coach or try on some gloves of other players to find how they match. Then you can read the size label on the product to choose your right one.

The fastpitch softball glove generally is not expensive. You can find the high-quality product for children under $40. The models for professional players can cost up to $200 or more.

The gloves for different positions

Outfielders: normally, the gloves for outfielders need to be larger of 12.5’’-14’’ pattern. That helps hold the ball tighter and avoid catching on with the outstretched arm. Also, it can transfer the ball a little slower.

Infielders: the smaller patterns will fit them, in 12’’-12.5’’ range. It supports the quicker ball transfer and grabs to the throwing hand. You can also choose the fingerless models to quicker scoop up the ground ball.

Pitchers: the glove with a closed web is a good option to hide balls longer. Some models can protect the leg while players slap their gloves on releasing the ball.

Web styles:

  • The open web glove is typically recommended by middle infielders, some outfielders, and first basemen. It holds the ball better and transfers it quicker.
  • The closed web glove often is preferred by pitchers, some outfielders and easily hides the ball from batters and supports so well when catching a line drive or outfield fly.

The open back vs. closed back

  • The open back model is generally a little lighter and cooler. You can adjust the strap in two different methods: D-rings and Velcro.
  • The closed back design has a hole to helps your index finger easily slip through. If you want to manage the size and make it more snug fit, you can choose models including a D-ring or Velcro strap.

Many gloves need to be worn with batting gloves to keep the moisture from the glove inside. That can also take the sting away from hard throws and control the glove fit. Change your batting glove if the inside is wet. Some games don’t allow pitchers to put on batting gloves since they can distract batters.

The glove materials

Many modern gloves are designed from high-quality leathers. You can find cheaper products using most synthetic materials. They aren’t as durable as the quality leather units but their conditions may be all things you need now. The higher quality ones often are made of heavier leathers to make them more durable and support player’s better performance.

Remember that you take a good care of the new glove so it’ll take a good care of your performance on the field. Use only glove conditioners that manufacturers suggested, if it becomes wet, use a towel to dry it – don’t use a hair dryer. If necessary, you can apply a small conditioner. After ending a game, remove excess moisture and dirt on your glove. Place the ball in a pocket and fix it by using a long pre-wrap like the way you hold the hair back.


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