Things To Know About The Best Golf Drivers For Beginners

The good golf driver is very important for the successful game. The top equipment should include the advanced sweet spot, launch angle, size, speed, forgiveness, and composition. Nowadays, many companies spend much effort and time to improve their products for various needs.

Thus, you can see a lot of drivers with the unique benefits and features. You need to know your personal requirements to purchase the best golf drivers in the market. The right golf driver will help you do the better shot every time. There are some main considerations you should know.

The head size

The right size of the head generally ranges from 440 to 460 cc (cubic centimeters). The 440cc driver supports to form the ball better in the air while the 460cc type provides more forgiveness.

The head shape is different basing on the depth range, the forgiveness level, and the launch conditions that companies intend to succeed.

The best material

The drivers include the composite or titanium heads.

Titanium makes the driver stronger, more durable and lightweight than the other material. The titanium driver has the larger club head while still remaining in the standard weight so you can use it for the faster swing, larger sweet spot, farther distance, and the greater margin.

Composite is the club including the mixture of different materials, such as titanium, lightweight, and heavyweight materials in order to encourage the performance of your driver.

– The lightweight material like carbon helps decrease the whole weight in order to change the heaviness or gravity

– The titanium face creates the best ball speed

– The heavyweight material like tungsten supports the perimeter to encourage MOI


It means Moment of Inertia relating to the forgiveness or resistance of twisting. If your club has the higher MOI, it is able to reduce rotating during striking a ball.

The loft

It shows the height when the ball flies off your clubface. The ideal loft of the driver ranges between 8 and 12 degrees. This factor controls the right backspin so that the ball rises well into the air. The greater loft creates the larger backspin. Thus, players need the better loft for the effective launch conditions if they often swing at the slower speeds. The perfect choice is about 10-degree loft or higher.

The golfers swinging at the faster speeds should use the lofts lower than 10 degrees. The quicker swings will create the farther distance and more spin so they don’t need so much loft.

The gravity centre

This is the balance point of your driver that decides the direction the club head will move. The further back and lower gravity centre makes the ball fly higher since it increases the spin. When the gravity centre moves forward, it will make the ball fly faster at the lower spin and MOI.

The adjustability

This factor is quite important for players to manage the driver to fit their unique conditions, swing, and size. The adjustability depends on three aspects:

1. Loft

It’s the key to getting the right launch angle and loft. Companies help the golfers change the loft through altering the driver’s spin, height, and carry. Many adjustments base on picking up the screw of the heel, linking the shaft of the club head, and changing to the predetermined setting. When you adjust the loft, you also will control the direction the ball will fly horizontally right or left. However, some drivers allow you to change the loft without affecting the ball flight.

2. The face angle

This aspect has an influence on the ball flight to the right or left.

– If it keeps the face angle toward the golfer, it is the closed face and increases the loft to make the ball fly to the right.

– If the face angle is not toward the player, it’s the open face and decreases the loft to make the ball fly to the left.

3. The adjustable weight

Altering weights can change the MOI and gravity centre of the club so it also will change the ball flight. Every brand has the unique weight adjustments, such as the draw bias, higher ball, or fade bias.

Now, you know the basic information of the golf driver. Choosing your best thing depends on your personal conditions such as the style of striking or the sizes of the body. Another way to choose the right driver is trying some models and defining which one match you best. Check the price and warranty before paying.


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