Top beautiful coffee shops in Ho Chi Minh City

Globally, coffee is among the most popular drink and commodity. There are over about 2 billion cups of coffee are consumed globally daily. Seeing that coffee is loved all over the world is the main reason why there are many new and exciting coffee shops sprouting everywhere. Socializing with friends, family and business associates is what coffee shops market for. Great coffee experience with excellent baked products is what every customers love about this shops and Vietnamese have coffee obsession like the rest of the world. People love to drink coffee whether hot or cold, black or with sugar and cream and Ho Chi Minh city have many coffee shops to delight your senses.

Ho Chi Minh city have lots to offer in the city, being bordered between modern and historic sights, you will surely love everything in this nice city. Their coffee shops offer both modern and tradition as well as you will find coffee shops that caters to local and foreigners. I have listed below some coffee shops that I find to be vibrant and rich, not just in their coffee but their decorations and vibe is really something to look forward for.

Below are the top beautiful coffee shops that I strongly recommend you to visit. As a foodie and travel expert, I definitely find these cafes as one of the best in what they do. You can see full here top beautiful coffee shops in Ho Chi Minh City.

Ministry of Food

This fine establishment is more commonly called MOF is a fusion of a coffee shop and great Japanese hospitality and sweets. They serve delicious food any time of the day as well as great cup of coffee. They have large variety of menus not only for full course meal but they serve classic Japanese options and European food like crème brulee. Other desserts they have that are famous for ate gelatos, chocolates, smoothies and many more. For Japanese food enthusiast, you can check their ramen, curry and bento boxes. They have many branches across the city so it is not hard to find them but my favorite hang out is located at Le Loi.

42 Café

This is among one of the most popular cafes in Saigon not because of the location or decorations but because they serve the best iced coffee. They serve their coffee with green tea at the side and they use their coffee using the traditional Vietnamese drip filter. It is located near Turtle pond and you will find lots of old local gentlemen hanging in this café because it gives them the sense of homeliness.

D’anver coffee shop

This famous coffee shop offers a romantic vibe and is great for all occasion. It is located at Thanh Ton Street, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1 which is located idyllic. It is a great place to enjoy food or drink, unwind and to relax. Served by their highly trained barista, their signature coffee is simply one to admire and die for. The place is made to look like an exquisite garden that adds a more sincere and loving atmosphere where you can find tranquility and peace when contemplating or reading a book while sipping their delicious coffee.

Urban Station coffee shop

This is one of the newest and hip coffee shops that opened in this buzzling city. This joint is popular among young adult, students, working young men/women and even teens. It has relaxed laid back vibe that is great for hanging out and drink. Their coffee is made with locally fresh milk that gives travellers or foreigners a unique coffee experience. This shop is located at 90 Cach Mang thang Tam, Ward 6. You will never regret coming into this hip coffee joint.

Id Café coffee shop

This cozy 2 storey café is a mix of retro and modern design. The hip 70s vibe adds uniqueness and undeniably oldies funky vibe. They have decorated their establishment with stencil wall decors and vinyl records, some old radios, and other old electronics. This coffee shops offer not only excellent coffee but they can win you over with great food, wine and beer. This café is a fusion of European and Vietnamese dishes like noodle soups, burgers, bread, pastries. This unique café is located near the Ben Thanh Market just 1 block away.

Hideaway Café coffee shop

This café is considered to be one of the most beautiful café and most popular one in Ho Chi Minh City. As the name connotates, it is where you can find peace and relaxation. It is one block away from Turtle lake which is hidden because you need to find it after entering a small alley, gate and to the courtyard. This café is like it is taken from the French colonial period where you will see very high ceiling and undoubtedly old French traditional decors and carvings. This French villa makes it quite cozy and relaxing located at Pham Ngoc Thach, District 3. They offer scrumptious breakfast early in the morning and delicious seafood pasta when you are hungry for something fancy for lunch.


This is not your typical coffee shop because it its just a forefront of a well established fashion boutique. This 2 storey building has a clothing store that caters to both genders but on the 1st floor you will find this trendy coffee shop. The atmosphere takes after a cool bohemian theme that their clients love. They serve really smooth Vietnamese coffee as well as lattes and cappuccinos European style and some delicious delis like macaroons, cupcakes, croissants etc. It is located at Le Loi Street which is one of the busiest place in Ho Minh Chi city.

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